KLANGEI in gold or silver

… it resonates and spreads waves of joy, abundance, love and creates space for our 12 sound worlds. Over 11 hours vibrating music for your soul.
Imagine hearing the sound worlds and feeling them with each of your cells. Experiment with it, keep the sound on your chest, your head and let yourself be surprised how it feels to hear and feel the sound behind the ear.

How does it work?

The egg does not have its own speaker, but transmits the vibration to each sound box. We are always surprised by the range of applications that Klangei offers: it adheres to the suction cup on any smooth surface, vibrating the outside and inside, and thus transmitting the sound.
On a table, at the window, in a container in the water, in the car, on the treatment table with massages u.v.m. With the Klangei you have your music always and everywhere, whether traveling or at home, while relaxing or working.

How does it work?

Almost 12 hours of vibrating music for your soul. Whether you just want to relax or work focused. Choose your mood!
The Klangei transmits the vibrations of the music of Andy Eicher and Wolfgang Tejral to every underground that resonates and spreads them. Small and always at hand. Whether traveling, at home or at work.
In Klangei even all 12 CDs of the sound worlds are included.
You can also buy the Klangei with all 12 CDs of the sound worlds. Many use this best-price case to have not only a klangei but also 12 other gifts.

Ideal for:

  • Trainers / Coaches / Spiritual Teachers who want to create the right learning environment anytime, anywhere and also want to transport their own stories, trances.

  • Children love the Klangei. To fall asleep and calm down. Especially beautiful it is for expectant mothers!

  • Educators from baby sitting rooms to study groups who want to create a relaxed, joyful learning atmosphere.

  • Wellness / beauty areas: there the Klangei supports the feel-good atmosphere for your clients.

  • Hospitals and therapists are already using Klangei to support the healing process.

  • Hotelerie - with the Klangei conjure mood and sound worlds also in the room.

Extend the Klangei with your Ideas:

Create your personal playlists on MicroSD card with your vibrating trances, stories, sounds and more. Open new sound spaces and offer your customers your very special sound with the sound worlds and your ideas. Offer your customers such added value and use this very special means of transport for your participants / customers / friends. The Klangei is perfect for music that transports relaxation, silence, and meditation.
Experiment with it, let it surprise you!

vibrating greetings,
Yvonne & Andy
ps: If you like to sell the klangei in your seminars / groups, please contact me. We have special discounts for you, according to the motto: Abundance for All.

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